Here's the thing.  Many people of all ages and backgrounds have asked me and my husband what our lifestyle is all about.  Having spent over seventeen years living what I like to call a "nomadic" lifestyle, it's a little hard to explain.  One thing I definitely realize, however, is that our lifestyle is not for everyone.  Little did we know what we were getting into when we moved to Mexico and or where the journey was going to take us.  And just maybe that was part of the excitement and magic that has contributed to where we are today.   

I have always been interested in other cultures and countries. And looking at a map is like reading an exciting book to me with all sorts of hidden agendas and possibilities. I believe my curiosity was a major contributing factor in how we have chosen to live. I love the adventure and challenge of exploring a new place and learning how to adjust and adapt to a new culture. This challenge makes me excited and keeps the juices flowing. I have the attitude of either love it or leave it. And that has served us well during our years of wandering and living not only in Mexico, but other Latin Countries as well. I very much look forward to sharing some of our special places and experiences with you in future postings. I will be sharing our experiences primarily through photographs since they bring the memories closest to my heart back the most vividly.

I do admit to being a conflicted person.  I love the excitement and adventure of the nomadic lifestyle, but I feel that I am a “nester” at heart. However,  I quickly learned that I could feel “at home” with just a  few personal possessions.  I learned that home was where the heart resides and for me, my heart has been happy living in and exploring many different places.  I also learned that with only a few personal items, some family photographs, a few keepsakes from our travels, and of course my husband, I could feel at home.  Realizing that I do not have to be surrounded by “things” to make a place “home" has been the biggest lesson I have learned over the years.

I do confess, however, of fantasizing for many years of my dream home. That fantasy has mutated over the years from a “ranchito” on the beach with animals (but close enough to conveniences) to a small casita or flat which can be easily locked up when we want to hit the road. A real dilemma, but a decision of which I am happy to say I do not feel I have to make at this point in our lives.

I do enjoy getting involved in a new community where ever we are living in order to make friends and feel a party of the community. It’s that contact, however brief it might be, that makes our lifestyle come alive and gives it substance and meaning. Every and each new location where we have lived has been unique and special for different reasons. And that is wonderful thing to person with a nomadic or wandering spirit.

At some point however, my “itchy foot” syndrome seems to kick in and I want to get on the road to find the next challenge and next place. And, who knows? That next place might just be the perfect place to settle down and grow roots. I must say, however, that my wandering feet are slowing down a bit although I am not yet at that point of giving up my travelling shoes. So I now say to myself, time will tell or "que sera, sera" (what will be, will be). One valuable lesson I have learned along this journey is that these older “salty beach” feet have become more “cobble stoned townie feet” in the process and as long as they are still walking they are happy feet!

Where ever our wandering lives take us there is no doubt that it has been an amazing journey - a journey that would have not been possible without the companionship and support of my wonderful husband. Muchas gracias, mi hombre, and here's to more wonderful experiences and memories!

I welcome you to my blog, MEXICO AND BEYOND:  LAURA'S PHOTO JOURNEY.  Here is just a small sample of my photographs in order to introduce you to our nomadic journey through the wonderful countries of Latin America. We look forward to your joining us!






Once again, thank you for joining me at MEXICO AND BEYOND: LAURA'S PHOTO JOURNEY.  Hope to see you again very soon.  Laura


  1. Your pictures are amazing. What a wonderful tribute to your journey. Jim and I enjoyed seeing this very much, Vayo con Dios!

    1. Thank you Jorlaine and Jim! I hope you will continue following my blog and I look forward to receiving your feedback. Saludos, Laura