With the encouragement of my husband, I retired from the world of real estate at the early age of forty six.  Since we were "empty nesters" we decided to follow my dream of exploring different countries and their cultures.  I had always had a special interest in the indigenous cultures of Latin America and thus we made the big move to Mexico in 1996.  It was quite an adventure with new experiences and challenges each and every day.  And I loved it!
The first three years of our new life was spent in Puerto Vallarta on the south side of the Bay of Banderas.  We were taking our time in getting our feet wet in the salt water of a new culture. As a native of Southern California I had been raised and spent my entire adult life in the beach communities of Newport Beach and Laguna Beach.  Consequently, Puerto Vallarta was an easy choice for us.  I became conversationally at ease in Spanish and thrived on meeting the local nationals and many other people from other countries.

Eventually my "itchy feet" syndrome kicked in and my husband and I started living a very nomadic life.  Having explored much of Mexico, we moved to Guatemala where we lived for a couple of years.  From there we were able to visit the majority of Central American countries which was mostly done by local "chicken bus" transport.  From Guatemala we then took the big leap to South America and lived in Argentina for a couple of years. We used Buenos Aires as our base in which to explore much of the country including living in the mountain lake area of San Martin de los Andes. From there it was an easy bus ride over the Andes to visit Chile.  I thrived on this lifestyle.  There was always a new destination to explore and I loved the sense of freedom and challenge it offered.

Eventually, however, it was time to "come home" and in my heart and soul home was Mexico.  Since our return to Mexico, we have made homes in Merida, Oaxaca, San Miguel de Allende, and Puerto Vallarta, where it all started.  

What follows in MEXICO AND BEYOND: LAURA'S PHOTO JOURNEY are seventeen years of travel and exploration in Latin America past, present, and hopefully future.  Please join me on a journey of Latin America through my photographs and comments. I will start where it all began with my first love: Mexico.


  1. Have you written a post about how you have traveled for so long? I am curious about this nomadic lifestyle and want to know about the ups and downs of doing this.

  2. Not per se, but the "About this Blog" on the main page pretty much tells what are nomadic life has been about. Remember that we were often "settled" in a place such as Oaxaca, Merida, and San Miguel de Allende, all in Mexico, and in Antigua, Guatemala for up to a year at a time. We were NOT traveling all of the time which would have been impossible to maintain energy wise, but we have been full-time expats now going on twenty years. Thank you for your interest and looking forward to having you join me on this blogging "journey"! Laura