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 This is a supplement to my recent blog posting MEXICO CITY: FOR FIRST TIMERS! with additional comments and links I believe will be helpful when visiting Mexico's amazing capital and huge city, Mexico City.

One of the greatest perks of traveling and living in other places and cultures is having the opportunity to experience amazing food.  From humble "street eats" to dining in gourmet dining "palaces" it was all good during our nomadic years.

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I do recognize that food is not only necessary, but vital to our well being.  Food maintains our energy and keep our engines running. Food is also restorative to our bodies and without it we wouldn't be going anywhere, both literally and figuratively.  And the joys of food cannot be understated in my humble opinion.

The food stands at Chapultepec Park might not be totally nutritional, but they are certainly abundant!

In this blog posting I am sharing the recommendations made by our hostess while recently visiting Mexico City.  She is not only a native of Mexico City, commonly referred to in slang as a Chilango, but also the owner of a charming nearby local cafe so food is no stranger to her.

Taco stands on the streets of Mexico City are the way to go when you are on the run and hungry!  

The format of this posting also includes a very cool web app which my husband
just introduced me to last night. It is GOOGLE MAPS and I love it! My husband has definitely been my internet enabler.  Not only that, but he was the one who suggested I start a blog. I often remind him that it was his suggestion and encouragement which lead me to this blog experience. Consequently, in my opinion, he has no right to complain when he is being ignored by his "blog monster." Wouldn't you agree?

I recently found this treasure of a book which was published in 1974!  It describes living in Mexico at that time and I find it truly special.

For lovers of maps and photographs the new GOOGLE MAPS app is truly amazing.  I thank the Google gods for this new technology and hope you will also find it useful and fun to play with.

The color of Mexican "junk food" is simply glorious. Note the different colors of the potato chips (on the lower left corner) which determines their spiciness!

Following are Leonor's recommendations for local and authentic Mexican food in Mexico City. When you click on the link for each restaurant, the Google "gods" will take you to a map showing the restaurant's location (great for use on your mobile device when you are on the road) and photographs of the restaurant OR whatever you choose. 

With this technology there is no excuse for staying home! You can google anything and anywhere you want and you will get the map, directions, and photographs. So have fun and let me know what you think.

The link for the lovely AIRBNB apartment in Condesa where we stayed is:

Don't you love the architecture of this Mexico City historical complex!

Walking the streets outside of our Airbnb apartment was not just for people! 

Leonor’s Betanzos Eats Recommendations:

“The following are well established restaurants with traditional foods which we locals enjoy. They are not “trendy modern,” but real Mexican cuisine. Buen provecho!”

Coyoacan: Los Danzantes, good mezcal  LOS DANZANTES

San Ángel:
San Ángel Inn: Great French style breakfast at their gourmet cafe.
At the main restaurant, an old hacienda, the best Margaritas and good Mexican food.   SAN ANGEL INN
At San Jacinto Square in San Angel on Saturdays during Bazzar day: Fonda San Angel, delicious budget Mexican buffet.   FONDA SAN ANGEL

                               SAN ANGEL INN

Downtown :
Café Tacuba     CAFE TACUBA
El Cardenal de calle de Palma  EL CARDENAL
Café la Ópera   CAFE LA OPERA

                                        EL CARDENAL
"Old" downtown:
Roldan 37 Cocina Mexicana:  Chiles, moles

Ivoire: French style and great for breakfast  IVOIRE
El Capri: Italian (the best old style) EL CAPRI
El Péndulo: easy going library, restaurant, and cafe bar website:

What's not to love about the setting at IVOIRE in Mexico City!  

La Ostra: see food (get there before 2 or make reservation)  LA OSTRA
El Péndulo  EL PENDULO

The cafe EL PENDULO is also a major bookstore - my kind of place!  

For Great Spanish food:
Cantina la Numero 1: mariachis on weekends, but very crowded.
La Casa de Castilla at Camino Real hotel on Mariano Escobedo St.

What would Mexico be without the traditional sound and music of mariachis while dining?   

For Barbacoa and traditional Mexican breakfast on saturdays and/or sundays:  El Hidalguense on Campeche Street  EL HIDALGUENSE

Mexsi-Bocu: French-Mex fusion (we ate there twice!)  MEXSI BOCU

Mexsi Bocu was only a five minute walk from our Condesa apartment and the food and staff were muy bueno!    

For Mole:
La Poblanita:   LA POBLANITA

For nice and trendy tacos:
El Califa in Alfonso Reyes Street, Condesa (they have delivery)  EL CALIFA
El Kaliman Tacos, Roma for all night tacos:  EL KALIMAN TACO

And last but not least, Leonor Betanzos' Cafe Fiona in Condesa: 

This small and charming cafe is owned and managed by our AIRBNB hostess. A delightful continental breakfast was included at Cafe Fiona with our AIRBNB stay. Leonor can also give cooking classes including shopping at local markets.    CAFE FIONA

Here is Fiona the namesake for Cafe Fiona in Condesa.  

Many thanks, Leonor, for these restaurant recommendations. We look forward to visiting as many as possible on our next visit to your wonderful Mexico City. Laura

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